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DITCH THE PITCH: An interactive personal growth workshop to help you make an impactful first impression with your introduction.


Either your business has just launched and you're excited to get out there and start promoting it or your business has been around a for years. Regardless, you still get nervous when someone asks you “what do you do?” You get even more nervous when you have to stand up even for a few seconds and introduce yourself and your business.


Very few can answer effortlessly. There should be simplicity in your answer so that people completely get it. In your head it’s clear but when you open your mouth to speak you can’t find the words. It’s obvious that things have gone south when the person with whom you are speaking has a glazed over look in their eyes. You can almost see the grocery list they are creating in their head. You have just bored them or worse, confused them. Either way, the moment is lost, and opportunity has left the building.


This workshop, facilitated by Marcia Brodie, will have you telling your story in sixty seconds or less and will help you gain confidence in doing so. Your new introduction will have you sharing your personal brand with ease. After this workshop, you will be able to answer the question about what you do and your message will have people wanting to know more and utilize your product or services.



This is a two-session workshop:

Thursday, November 9 & 16 from 8:00 - 10:00 am at the BizConnect Resource Center


$45 (BizConnect Members); $55 (non-members) - Both sessions are included in the admission cost.


Space is limited so register asap to guarantee your seat.



Meet the Instructor

Marcia Futterman Brodie, Business Performance Specialist has been in sales and marketing in both the private and not-for-profit sector for over thirty years. Additionally, Marcia has been a sales manager and trained sales professionals in the art of presentations and marketing. Marcia also coaches individuals with interviewing strategies and communication skills.

SOCIALLY MINDED: SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS: During this interactive, educational, open forum discussion style workshop, entrepreneurs will learn why social media is a critical business tool in our digital world. Learn how to navigate, plan and strategically approach marketing your business through social media.


You will leave the workshop with the knowledge of how to utilize free social media tools to your advantage and how to perform better than your competitors. The workshop will focus on developing your social media strategy and determining your voice, developing content, setting goals, ideal posting time/frequency, engaging your audience, automating the process, measuring success and much more. There will be clear, actionable items that you can implement immediately to begin benefiting from being socially minded.


Space is limited, register early to guarantee your seat.


New Date Announced Soon


$35 pp (BizConnect Member); $40 pp (non-member)






BLOGGING FOR BUSINESS: INTRO TO BLOGGING. During this interactive, educational, open forum discussion style workshop, entrepreneurs will learn why blogging is a useful business tool in establishing credibility, trust and growing brand exposure. We will cover the basic steps of getting started with a business blog and how to develop a strategy.


Some of the topics that will be covered are:

-Why blog for your business

-Developing a blog strategy

-Key ingredients for a successful blog

-Listening to and engaging your audience

-Promoting your blog content

-Measuring blog/social media success with analytics


This workshop is for entrepreneurs and professionals who have not yet started blogging for their business or have a blog but are seeking an introductory lesson on how to plan and execute a successful business blog.


Space is limited, register early to guarantee your seat.


New Date Announced Soon


$35 pp (BizConnect Member); $40 pp (non-member)



Meet the Instructor

Kaycee McCoy of Create / Captivate Digital Media has over a decade of creative marketing, consulting, and public speaking experience as well as an Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot. The Create / Captivate team consists of military spouse creatives that work virtually to provide clients with strategic, creative services including social media management, ghost blogging, community event photography, graphic design, WordPress websites, public relations, copy writing as well as consulting and training. The CC approach to growing a brand’s exposure is centered around the concept of building community. Leveraging technology such as social media, and blogging, the CC Team focuses on establishing clients as community experts in the digital world; resulting in increased brand trustworthiness and customer loyalty. As a public speaker, with a dynamic, cheerful personality, Kaycee’s engaging presentations leave her audience feeling informed and enthused. She has provided hundreds of presentations to military spouses and community members over her career, but very much looks forward to engaging the business community with her newly minted Socially Minded: Social Media for Business workshop series.